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 Limitless Kennel Regd.



Marie-France Brochu

Saint-Côme Linière, Qc


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1.      Will provide to THE BUYER, without additional fees, the registration certificate to the Canadian Kennel Club with the NON-BREEDING mention as well as a four (4) generations pedigree.


2.      Provides a healthy puppy who received all necessary vaccination for his age.  Boosters are at THE BUYER expense and a must to validate this guarantee.


3.      Guaranteed the pup for 15 days against all viral diseases (parvovirus/parainfluenza/rabies) and for 21 days against distemper if the puppy was not put in contact with sick animals.


4.      Guaranteed the dog against diseases known as hereditary until the second birthday of the dog. If a hereditary disease occurs, an official report from a veterinarian will have to be provided. THE BREEDER preserves the right to have the dog re-examine by another veterinarian. In this situation, THE BUYER has two choices :


·        THE BREEDER will take back the dog with all his papers and will replace it by a puppy of equivalent quality. If there is no puppy available for a twelve (12) months period, the purchase price will be refunded.

·        If THE BUYER wishes to keep the dog and that the dog does not suffer, THE BREEDER will refund half of the purchase price. The dog will have to be sterilized if it’s not already done. The refund will only be given at the reception of the veterinarian report of the dog sterilization. No other amount will be given from THE BREEDER to THE BUYER. 


This guarantee is void if the dog suffered of negligence, accident or abused either physically or mentally as well as an inadequate training (jump, intense sport before the dog is one year of age) or an over weight of more than 20% of the normal weight of this breed. This guarantee is only valid if the disease harms a normal family life.


5.      Keep the right to visit the sold dog after giving a 48 hours phone call notice to the BUYER.


6.      Has the right to take back the dog at any time if he is badly treated or neglected in any way either by THE BUYER, his relative or any other person with the notice of a third person and that, without giving any money to THE BUYER. 





Ø      THE BUYER :

1.      Understand that this dog is sold as a pet. This mean that he cannot participate to conformation events unless of an agreement from THE BREEDER.


2.      Understand that this dog is sold on a NON-BREEDING agreement and won’t be able to be reproduced unless of an agreement with THE BREEDER taken at the purchase.


3.      Must keep the registration name of the dog. No other kennel name can be included. Only the prefix Limitless and the name written on the registration certificate can appear on the documents.


4.      Have three (3) days to take his puppy to a veterinarian for a health evaluation. If the puppy was found sick at the moment of the sale, the puppy will either :     


·        Be returned to THE BREEDER who will keep him the time of the treatment.


·        Exchanged for the same quality puppy if available.



By the same occasion, THE BREEDER suggests to bring a sample of the puppy’s stool for an intestinal parasites analysis since THE BREEDER can’t guarantee it.


5.      Will have, at his own fees, have the animal sterilized before the age of twelve (12) months unless a counter-indication by a veterinarian or THE BREEDER.


6.      Commit him to have his dog vaccinated on a regular basis on the recommendations of a veterinarian. THE BUYER also commits to provide all the other veterinary care necessary. In case of an emergency or illness, THE BUYER will have to treat the dog as soon as possible.


7.      Must not make his animal euthanized without the authorization of THE BREEDER unless a veterinarian acknowledged a life threatening condition in which the dog’s life cannot be saved.


8.      Understand that if he has to depart from his animal for any reason at all, the dog will have to be returned to THE BREEDER with all his papers and that without reimbursing the selling price. THE BUYER cannot sell, give or dispose of the dog in any way. If THE BUYER wants to give the dog to a relative, he can only do it with the authorization of THE BREEDER. THE BREEDER must look after of his dogs and that at all time in their lives. THE BREEDER has to find a new family under his selection criteria.


9.      Commit to provide the dog with a good home, exercise on a regular basis, never leave the dog wander around without supervision, never leave him with children without an adult supervision and most of all never used brutality or neglect the dog. The dog must stay in a kennel, never be tied up unless to a leash.


10.  Commit to provide the dog with a clean and sound environment and also a regular maintenance : brushing, bath, dental care (brushing or dental bone), ears cleaning, nail clipping, vaccination and care he needs.


11.  Commit to supply a good quality food and an annual visit to the vet for a prevention treatment against heartworms, internal and external parasites. (Revolution)


12.  Commit to socialize his puppy while the first year of his life, mainly during the first six months. An exposure to different situations will help to secure the dog and to act like that in the future. Training sessions are strongly recommended.


13.   Understand the violation of these conditions will follow with the delivery of the dog with all his papers to THE BREEDER and also a fine for non-respect of a contract.


14.  Accept to give back the registration certificate, to sign the ownership transfer and other necessary signatures in the eventuality that the dog was taken back by THE BREEDER for any reason at all.


15.  Commit to report as soon as possible any change in his address or phone number, to give news on the dog evolution and to communicate with THE BREEDER in case of questions or problems.






















Reservation made on : ____________________

200$ deposit received on : ____________________


Amount of ________ still to pay on : _______________

Adoption made on : _______________



By signing this contract, THE BUYER engage him/her self to respect this contract that he/she read entirely for the wellness of the breed and his/her dog.


BUYER (s): ________________________________________

Date : _______________________ Location :  _______________________


BREEDER (s) : ____________________________________________

Date : _______________________  Location : ________________________