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Limitless Kennel regd.



Marie-France Brochu

Saint-C๔me Lini่re, Qc





These questions are to know you a litltle bit, to evaluate de type of dog you need and also to check on the environnement in witch the dog will live.



Name :

Address :

City :

Province / State / Zip code :

Country :

Phone number :

Fax number :

Work number :

Email :


What breed are you interested in? Good and bad points about this breed?


You are searching for : Puppy (8 weeks) – Young adult (6 to 8 months) – Adult (12 months and up) – Champion – Male – Female


Have you ever owned a dog before? What breed?


What happen to him?


Have you presently other pets at home? If any, what are they?


Why are you getting a new dog? Companionship – work – protection – show – breeding


Where did you heard from us?


Have you read the sale contract conditions?


Are you ready to engage yourself to take care of a dog for his lifetime?


Are you ready to give a lot of time to train and socialize your dog?


Do you accept to sterilized this animal?



A few questions about you and your family :


Are you : married – single – other


Your age : under 18 – between 18-25 years – more of 25 years


Do you have children? If any, what are their ages?


What is your principal occupation?


Where would the dog stay : During the day?  At night?


Do you live in : Town – Country – House – Apartment


Do you have a fence around your house?


Do you accept to give a good fenced kennel to your dog?


Please indicate bellow any further information that I should know about for the selection of your future companion :


















Signature :                                                                  Date:


A 200$ non-refundable deposit is a must for all reservation. The deposit can only be refunded in the case of the non disponibility of the quality reserved puppy. In this case, it is possible to transfer the deposit to a later litter or be refunded.



All information mention above are confidential and only to be used  for the selection of  the future family  and the future dog.